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Ben Sowry is a budding photographer from the south coast of NSW, Australia. Having always had an interest in photography and a flare with his writing skills, this blog was created to show the world the gradual developement of his photography and the limitations that this young man is willing to push to achieve better photos. If you have any advice for him or other enquiries relating to his photos, feel free to leave a comment or email him at bensowryimaging@hotmail.com

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Less is more

Thursday, 19th of November. Finding my feet in the photography game is going to be a very prolonged process. Nevertheless, the excitement of capturing that one, perfect image has engulfed my entire being. I'm looking forward to seeing how far my abilities will be stretched with my advancement in knowledge and experience, not to mention the never ending 'wish-list' I have developed over the past few months!

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  1. Nice shot man, great conrtasting bits. Sick old banjo too haha.